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Theowen Swiftshade
Hullo yes hai! I have did another draw! :dummy:

This is another of my recent Skyrim characters, by the name of Theowen Swiftshade, a female Bosmer thief and archer. Because literally nobody else has ever done a Bosmer thief and archer before... >w>;;

This is probably one of my sloppiest drawings to date, so... don't look too closely... ^^;

A few notes:
--Yes, I straight-up ripped off the pose from the Bosmer loading screen. Look, it's a good pose, okay? I didn't actually trace any of it, so meh! :XD:
--She's supposed to be wearing the Blackguard's Armor. I did a fairly shit job of drawing it... X3 I also took a bit of artistic liberty in having her braids emerge from the front of it and letting her ears poke out. I can't draw an elf and not show the pointy ears, dammit!
--She's wielding an Elven bow, but I didn't even bother to add all the little details because fuck that. :XD: I also drew it waaaay bigger than it's supposed to be, I'm pretty sure... >w>
--HOODS. How the fuck do they work?? HOW DO I HOOD??! HALP.

So yeah. Not my best. But I like it anyway, so yeh. >w<

inb4 everyone comments fetish shit and tries to RP with her... >w>;;

EDIT: I decided I was just too damn unsatisfied with the linework and that atrocious bow, so I decided to just totally redo them both. It's still not perfect, but I dunno, I think it looks a lot better. X3
Also look, I did the bow details and shit this time! Only now that I'm looking at it I did the two halves totally differently! Fuck! :XD:
Ah well, one redo is enough, I ain't doing it again!
Staves 2
Another set of magic staves. Jesus I'm a doodly motherfucker today, huh? :XD:

Anywho, from left to right:

A mage fire staff. I imagine that staff's main attack would be to spew this dark purple mage fire or something cool like that.

A necro staff. Obviously, for a necromancer who's looking to raise a few undead minions for his army...

A sun staff. Probably super handy for casting beams of sunlight and healing oneself--perfect for a vampire hunter.

A spider staff. For... commanding legions of spiders, maybe? And probably casting some kind of poison magic. I rather like this one, and not just because I'm a spider fan. :3

And lastly, some kind of primitive tribal-type staff. Not sure what that one would be for, probably general magic of some kind...


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I dunno, just... for stuff. Maybe get some point commissions or something. A core membership. I dunno. :shrug:

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Michael Alyxander Noell
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Well, I haven't done a journal thingy in awhile! May as well have a little fun, hm? X3
Anywho, it seems I've been tagged by a new face around DA by the name of :icontorturebuddy:. With a name like that, they've gotta be fun, right? :XD:

Now then, the questions!
A) Feathers or brushes?

Both...? Please?
...oh, alright, brushes. I love it super intense... X///3

B) Restraints or none?

Oh god, please no! Not restraints! Oh god yes please please please please please...

C) Torture or fun

Ugh, I honestly can't decide for this one, so screw it, I'ma say both! :XD:

D) Orgasm or denial?

Orgasm! I don't think I could stand to be denied... ;w;

E) Male ler or female ler?

Either one works for me! 

F) Male lee or female lee?

Again, I'll take both! X3

G) Gagged or not?

Yuck, no. Gags are a nope for me... 

H) Punishment or reward?

Being tickled as a punishment is sexy as hell.
...but being tickled for a reward is even sexier... >w<

I) Teasing/taunting while tickling or silence?

Hehe, definitely teasing! X3

J) One tickler or more?

Mmmm, I tend to prefer no more than one or two 'lers at a time. X3

K) Naked or clothed?

Ehhh... clothed. To start out with, at least... Even then, though, if you're gonna go for my junk, I'd find it a lot sexier if you just popped it out of my jeans and tickled it that way. :XD:

L) Feet or hips?

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :D

M) Sides or armpits?

Ugh, neither... but if I gotta pick, then armpits. :XD:

N) Roleplay or just pointless tickling?

Either or! X3

O) Gentle tickles or rough?

Gentle to start, but get steadily rougher... ;3

P) Tickling accompanied by pain or pleasure?

I'd rather just be straight-tickled, but if it's gonna be accompanied by something, then pleasure.

Q) Hour long tickling or a short session?

Heh, gimme an hour, let's see how much I can take! X///3

R) Safe word or none?

Definitely yes. Gotta have the safe word in place... >w>

S) Public tickling or private?

Realistically? Private. But I do have fantasies about being tickled publicly, in front of people, to my intense embarrassment... >w<

T) Tickled by strangers or friends?

Again, realistically, by friends. But I wouldn't complain to find a stranger had tied me up and bared my feet in my sleep... ;3

U) Hogtied or spread eagle?

Spread eagle, but only because that's more comfortable. :XD:

V) Tied laying down or standing up?

Laying down. How're you gonna get to my feet if I'm standing? :XD:

W) Breaks or no mercy?

Heh, I'd definitely need a break or two...! :XD:

X) Electric toothbrush or fingernails?

I'd love both, but I'm gonna say fingernails, just for the HAWT factor. X3

Y) Mature tickles or friendly?

Friendly, for the most part. Though I wouldn't mind it mature... ;3

Z) Would you want to be tickled right now?

*Hastily yanks off shoes and socks and stuffs ankles into stocks.* PLEASE. OwO

And I tag... nnnnnno one, because. :XD:
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