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Sonic Falcon
Alrighty, here's the finished version of Sonic Falcon, that superheroine in that sketch I posted a little while ago. I know the sketch prolly looked better, but I didn't want to not finish it, so... here ya go! XD
I'm not too sure about her insignia, though; I dunno, I might go back and redo it later. X3
EDIT:Like I said, I didn't really like her old insignia, so I gave her a new one. I think this one's much better, personally. X3 Also, I put a smaller one on her pouch too. I dunno why, it just seemed like the thing to do.

Alias: Sonic Falcon
Legal Name: Mia Marquez
Morality: Heroine
Inspiration: Wonder Woman and Black Canary, with just a little bit of Batman thrown in.


Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Full-time superheroine
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Short and messy
Eye Color: Blue-gray
Skin Color: Caramel
Race/Species: Human
Nationality: Mexican-American
Voice: Powerful and feminine, with a Hispanic accent
Distinguishing Features: Remarkably short hair
Costume: A dark-gray and blue full-body suit, blue and yellow gloves and boots, gold belt, blue and yellow cape, gray pouch, gold earrings.

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Sonic Falcon is capable of supersonic flight, reaching speeds of up to Mach 5, and is in possession of a powerful sonic scream, capable of stunning her foes, blasting away obstacles or even rendering people unconscious. She also possesses enhanced strength and durability, which are adaptations that allow her to survive her punishing supersonic flights, has enhanced vision (night and telescopic) and hearing, and can rapidly heal from most wounds.
Power Limitations: Her strength and durability are both secondary abilities; she isn't strong enough to lift a car, for instance, but can shove one aside with a bit of effort. Meanwhile, though she is capable of taking a beating, she isn't invulnerable; blades and bullets can still harm her. Lastly, her powers all require a steady supply of calories, her healing factor especially--she needs to eat near-constantly to keep up her strength.
Abilities: Aside from her powers, Sonic Falcon is a skilled strategist and leader, and displays topnotch battlefield awareness. She can also salsa dance pretty well, which is nice.
Weapons: She carries a set of throwing stars, dubbed her "Talons," in the pouch on her thigh, which she can throw with deadly accuracy thanks to her heightened senses. She also sometimes grips them between her fingers and uses them as slashing weapons, hence their name.
Gadgets/Tech: Her suit is incredibly tough despite its flexibility, offering her an extra layer of defense against attack. It also helps to keep her warm during her high-altitude flights.
Physical Weaknesses: As previously mentioned, Falcon is still vulnerable to being stabbed and shot. She is particularly vulnerable to guns, given that not only are they capable of wounding her, but the loud gunshot is very painful to her superhuman ears. 
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: As is typical of flyers, Sonic Falcon suffers from a degree of claustrophobia. She also, despite being normally level-headed and kind, tends to lose her cool when faced with certain types of criminals; rapists, in particular, are victim to the worst of her ire, and she's nearly gotten in trouble for almost killing them in the past.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Sonic Falcon is typically sweet and compassionate, eager to help others and assuage the fears of those she rescues. Don't mistake her kindness for softness, though; to her enemies, she is fearsome, intimidating, and sometimes can be downright savage. Ask her about her favorite interrogation methods, and she'll gleefully describe the act of "taking them for a ride..."
Likes: Peanut butter sandwiches, bad reality shows, flying, exercising, kids.
Dislikes: Criminals (especially rapists), misogyny, overly hot or cold weather, vegetables of any kind, going too long without action.
Habits/Quirks: Slips into Spanish when angry or frightened, has an odd tendency to hum and fidget when idle.
Fears: Tight spaces, guns, and lightning.
Motivation: Mostly just an overwhelming desire to do good, mixed with negative memories of the unpleasant neighborhood she grew up in, which make her want to improve her current home city that much more.
Family: Paula Marquez (mother), Ricardo Marquez (father), Ana Maria Marquez (younger sister)
Romantic Interests: (N/A for the rest of this as yet... >w< )

Ummm, what ever happened to the ability to remove things from a particular gallery folder...? I accidentally posted my latest drawing in my fetish folder and went to remove it, only to find that nope, I couldn't. I had to delete the image and re-upload it. Did I miss something or something...?
Y'all know those dumb hacker scares that seem to constantly be circulating around DA? Well, I can't help but wonder... has there ever actually been a hacker like that? Like, ever? Has anyone ever logged in one morning and gone "O SHIT all my arts are now Thomas the Tank Engine pr0nz!" 


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Arachnid95's Profile Picture
Michael Alyxander Noell
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Well, I haven't done a journal thingy in awhile! May as well have a little fun, hm? X3
Anywho, it seems I've been tagged by a new face around DA by the name of :icontorturebuddy:. With a name like that, they've gotta be fun, right? :XD:

Now then, the questions!
A) Feathers or brushes?

Both...? Please?
...oh, alright, brushes. I love it super intense... X///3

B) Restraints or none?

Oh god, please no! Not restraints! Oh god yes please please please please please...

C) Torture or fun

Ugh, I honestly can't decide for this one, so screw it, I'ma say both! :XD:

D) Orgasm or denial?

Orgasm! I don't think I could stand to be denied... ;w;

E) Male ler or female ler?

Either one works for me! 

F) Male lee or female lee?

Again, I'll take both! X3

G) Gagged or not?

Yuck, no. Gags are a nope for me... 

H) Punishment or reward?

Being tickled as a punishment is sexy as hell.
...but being tickled for a reward is even sexier... >w<

I) Teasing/taunting while tickling or silence?

Hehe, definitely teasing! X3

J) One tickler or more?

Mmmm, I tend to prefer no more than one or two 'lers at a time. X3

K) Naked or clothed?

Ehhh... clothed. To start out with, at least... Even then, though, if you're gonna go for my junk, I'd find it a lot sexier if you just popped it out of my jeans and tickled it that way. :XD:

L) Feet or hips?

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :D

M) Sides or armpits?

Ugh, neither... but if I gotta pick, then armpits. :XD:

N) Roleplay or just pointless tickling?

Either or! X3

O) Gentle tickles or rough?

Gentle to start, but get steadily rougher... ;3

P) Tickling accompanied by pain or pleasure?

I'd rather just be straight-tickled, but if it's gonna be accompanied by something, then pleasure.

Q) Hour long tickling or a short session?

Heh, gimme an hour, let's see how much I can take! X///3

R) Safe word or none?

Definitely yes. Gotta have the safe word in place... >w>

S) Public tickling or private?

Realistically? Private. But I do have fantasies about being tickled publicly, in front of people, to my intense embarrassment... >w<

T) Tickled by strangers or friends?

Again, realistically, by friends. But I wouldn't complain to find a stranger had tied me up and bared my feet in my sleep... ;3

U) Hogtied or spread eagle?

Spread eagle, but only because that's more comfortable. :XD:

V) Tied laying down or standing up?

Laying down. How're you gonna get to my feet if I'm standing? :XD:

W) Breaks or no mercy?

Heh, I'd definitely need a break or two...! :XD:

X) Electric toothbrush or fingernails?

I'd love both, but I'm gonna say fingernails, just for the HAWT factor. X3

Y) Mature tickles or friendly?

Friendly, for the most part. Though I wouldn't mind it mature... ;3

Z) Would you want to be tickled right now?

*Hastily yanks off shoes and socks and stuffs ankles into stocks.* PLEASE. OwO

And I tag... nnnnnno one, because. :XD:
  • Listening to: Green Day
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing



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